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    Item Description: 2 month old iPhone 4, 8GB
    Price: $300.00 + shipping
    Rating: 9/10 (no scratches, dings or dents - looks brand new)
    What it comes with: Everything in the box (manuals, USB cable, un-used headphones)
    Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Shipping Details: Buyer pays for shipping costs from Ottawa, ON. Purolator, FedEx, or snail mail preferred. Average shipping cost is from $10 to $20 from here to USA or anywhere else in Canada.
    Payment Options: PayPal Gift
    Contact Info: Personal Message, or ksmithtwc @ gmail [dot] com

    Similar to my most recent sale on CrackBerry, this iPhone 4, 8GB was the result of a contract cancellation due to my carrier changing my contract. As such, I have new phones and am looking to sell this one.

    It was used for a total of 4 days, has absolutely no scratches or wear. It has sat in its box in my desk for the past 2 months. It looks like it just came out of the box. You can see by the lovely lighting (reflections) that the screen is in awesome condition. It is currently locked to TELUS Mobility in Canada, but I'm sure it can easily be unlocked.

    Pictures are attached, please let me know if you have any other questions! Search around, I have positive feed back for my sales!
    05-30-12 10:43 AM
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    email sent
    05-30-12 03:10 PM
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    email sent
    oops sorry for double post
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    Didn't go through - new price - $280 + shipping!
    05-30-12 09:34 PM
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    these aren't easily unlocked... post on kijiji & usedottawa!
    06-05-12 11:14 PM
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    is the phone still for sale?
    07-17-12 09:34 PM