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    Item Description: (2) Verizon Droid 3 global Phone
    Price :375.00 each or both for 675.00
    Rate it :9.5/10
    What it comes with roid3, battery, battery Door, USB cable, Charger, Orig Box w/paper work
    Item location :Maine
    Shipping Details :8.99 Flat Rate to US. (INTERNATIONAL users Email me! i usually can ship using Flat Rate International...)
    Payment Options :Paypal as a Gift or you pay the % fees
    Contact Info :dhvigue@gmail.com PLEASE DO NOT PM ME! thank you

    Any additional info: I Both phones are in great condition. screens are nice on them both, one has maybe a couple small small scuffs (cant tell unless you really hold it just right to the light) Both phones have a CLEAN ESN to activate. and International users this is a global phone so you can unlock it to use over seas. any questions? email me any time...
    thank you!

    10-30-11 08:01 AM
  2. dvigue's Avatar
    Oh, forgot to mention, those prices are OBO....
    10-30-11 02:03 PM
  3. dvigue's Avatar
    350.00 OBO each or 650.00 OBO for Both
    10-31-11 06:19 AM
  4. detfan's Avatar
    Damn dude, I thought I had some issues..Hahaha what is this 7 listings?
    10-31-11 08:46 AM
  5. dvigue's Avatar
    Damn dude, I thought I had some issues..Hahaha what is this 7 listings?
    you do have issues...ha ha.....most of them were old listing i have never closed out. so i asked the mods to close the ones that i had already sold....
    10-31-11 08:54 AM
  6. Duvi's Avatar
    I was thinking the same! Geebus.
    10-31-11 12:26 PM
  7. dvigue's Avatar
    Price lowered to 325.00 OBO or 600 both
    11-02-11 09:08 AM
  8. dvigue's Avatar
    300.00 for each....
    11-06-11 01:10 PM
  9. dvigue's Avatar
    ok one has been sold. i would take 275 for the other one if anyone is interested?
    11-14-11 08:27 AM