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    Item Description : 2 BlackBerry Storm 9530
    Price : $400 Each Phone
    Rate it : 10/10
    What it comes with : Box, Manuals, All original accessories. There Both Brand New
    Item location : New Jersey
    Shipping Details : USPS priority w/ confirmation
    Payment Options : Pay Pal
    Contact Info : nterrigno@comcast.net , nterrigno@vzw.blackberry.net , PM or Post

    Any additional info: Ive got 2 brand new BlackBerry Storms that I purchased around when the Storm came out. Around December - January time. There Brand new and come with there brand new boxes with all accessories. I basically bought these for later sales when the Money was needed. There just sitting around here basically taken up space. It was so early when I bought them, that they might have .75 or .65 on them. There definatly easy to update. Opened the boxes and turned them on. Everything works fine. Looking to get $400 each. Ill try on here first to see if anyone wants one. Then off to Ebay they will then be listed. I have a BlackBerry Curve 8900 in brand new conditon that I might possibly end up selling to. Has a full QWERTZ keypad, but it was converted to english in the settings. It is also UNLOCKED. Let me know if your interested in this phone. Looking to get the Storms out before getting rid of the Curve. Im a big BlackBerry fan and dont know if Im ready to let it go yet Email me for any additional information. Thanks

    PS: Also, my username on ebay is nterrigno just incase you want to check my feedback. 100% Positive

    EDIT: The Pictures I have are to large, and need to be resized. Will do later on today when Im at home and will post. Thank you

    EDIT: 2 Picture added.
    1 Storm Left. I sold one to one buyer and have 1 left. Here is your chance, for a Storm Sent USPS Priority and Insurred!
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    04-08-09 03:09 PM
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    Photos must be included or it will be removed

    04-08-09 07:57 PM
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    ok thanks for that. Will take pictures tommarow and post. Thanks

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    04-08-09 11:42 PM
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    E-mail sent. Will send PM now.

    04-08-09 11:43 PM
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    ...is great to do business with.

    I have never dealt with a seller that responds and contacts as quickly as Terringo.

    I am expecting the phone soon and I will update this and the Feedback as soon as I get the device.

    Thanks Terrigno
    04-09-09 05:15 PM
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    ...is great to do business with.

    I have never dealt with a seller that responds and contacts as quickly as Terringo.

    I am expecting the phone soon and I will update this and the Feedback as soon as I get the device.

    Thanks Terrigno

    Thank you Shaun. I have packed up your Device and will be shipping it tommarow morning. It will be going USPS Priority Mail and Insurred. Delivery confirmation is added also. Will send you an email tommarow with the Tracking Number. Lightning fast payment from this guy here. A true pleasure to do business with
    04-09-09 10:16 PM
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    Where in jersey are you??
    04-10-09 04:15 PM
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    South Jersey. Cumberland County. And you?
    04-10-09 05:31 PM
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    Central Jersey Union County.
    04-10-09 05:43 PM
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    Not bad. I was in TN for 2 months and I never missed jersey more in my life LOL

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    04-10-09 11:11 PM
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    Might be interested in getting the storm. I have to sell my iphone 1st. Also I love jersey and don't think I am going to leave here

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    04-11-09 02:46 PM
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    I see. Well, I just put up my Used Storm on ebay. Its in almost perfect condition. It was my normal phone but doenst have any problems. I got another one from a friend that I was making a deal with. The freakin Data charge is a lot for me to keep that going for each month. So Im still thinking on it. Using the Curve from T Mobile. Might be selling that to OS .122 installed on it. I adjusted the screws on the back about 1/4 of a turn and it clicks good. Comes with everything. Selling it for a little cheaper then a Brand New Storm. Looking to get $350 at least, for it. Comes with everything originally. Check out the auction.

    BlackBerry Storm 9530 Verizon New Condition! PDA RIM - eBay (item 290309560270 end time Apr-16-09 14:04:13 PDT)
    04-11-09 04:44 PM
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    I have done a **** of a lot of business online and never have I dealt with someone as good as Terringo.

    Always responded quickly and I got the device within a week, more like 6 days and that included the weekend. I would vouch for him any day.
    04-14-09 11:38 AM
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    Thank you very much Shawn. It was definatly great doing business with you. I really appreciate it and I am happy that you are satisfied with your purhcase.

    04-14-09 01:11 PM
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    I still have my used Storm on Ebay. Also 1 more brand new Storm still in the box.
    04-14-09 05:27 PM
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    Sold. Thank you all. Please close this thread.
    04-18-09 08:35 AM