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    Item Description : (2) Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium codes
    Price : $350 USD each or $600 for both
    What it comes with : picture of card with unused code (i can mail it to you if you want or local pickup)
    Item location : San Jose, CA or Santa Rosa, CA (i frequently commute between both)
    Shipping Details : N/A (can do local pickup in San Jose, San Francisco, or Santa Rosa)
    Payment Options : amazon payments please... or PM me
    Contact Info : send me a pm and it'll reach my berry

    So i attended blackberry DevCon on 10/18 and all attendees were given a free copy of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium (and will include the next update/upgrade so the speaker says)

    > this is the premium edition and google says its over 550 bucks.
    > ebay posts them at well over 500

    from Adobe's page:

    Flash Builder 4.5 Premium adds professional testing tools, including profilers, network monitoring, an automated testing framework, integration with Flex unit testing, and command-line build support, plus includes a license for ColdFusion Builder.

    Powerful testing tools

    Accelerate application performance using memory and performance profilers that monitor and analyze memory consumption and CPU cycles.
    Take advantage of automated functional testing tools such as HP QuickTest Professional (formerly Mercury QuickTest Professional).
    Get new support for the open source FlexUnit project.

    Network Monitor
    Generate a detailed audit trail of all data passed between the local Flex application and the back end, assisting with debugging and performance tuning.

    Command-line build
    A new command-line build capability supports automated build processes.

    ColdFusion Builder
    ColdFusion Builder is an Eclipse based IDE for ColdFusion application developers. It provides deep integration with Flash Builder, enabling rapid development of expressive web applications using Flex and Adobe ColdFusion software.
    i have two codes (i dragged a friend along and we both got a copy) unused and frankly i dont need it. it expires November 1st, 2011. any developers out there or if anyone of you knows any developers who might need this, now is the time to jump on this.

    because of the price, im hoping amazon payments can be used. we can discuss other options if absolutely necessary.

    better picture along with the ID and playbook:

    i am asking for ($350) and i will send you a picture of the card and i can even mail you the card if you'd like.

    this is in fact the first and only thing im attempting to sell cb. the cred i have
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