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    Item Description : Playbook 16gb that I've had since February 2012 bought it brand new. Selling because I haven't really used it in a long time and have lost interest in it.


    Condition: few very minor scratches on screen.

    Includes : BlackBerry PlayBook shell case . And BlackBerry PlayBook sleeve. Does not included box and charger. However if you really want a box I can send you a box from a PlayBook 32gb. Also doesn't include charger.

    Shipping: Buyer pays. If located in Canada I will pay half of shipping. PM your postal code for estimate.

    Item location: Canada Ottawa Ont

    Payment: PayPal only; buyer must be verified and payment must be sent as a "gift".
    WTS 16 gb PlayBook-img_00000398.jpg

    Canadian cities BBM Channel C001234A4
    10-20-13 01:12 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Good luck with your sale.
    10-20-13 05:26 PM
  3. SteveBB10's Avatar
    daily bump
    10-21-13 09:23 PM
  4. SteveBB10's Avatar
    Price now 70$

    Canadian cities BBM Channel C001234A4
    10-22-13 12:56 PM
  5. SteveBB10's Avatar
    60$ anyone?

    Canadian cities BBM Channel C001234A4
    10-23-13 08:41 PM
  6. SteveBB10's Avatar

    Canadian cities BBM Channel C001234A4
    10-24-13 03:00 PM
  7. Zirak's Avatar
    Still for sale?
    11-05-13 08:24 AM

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