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    I am looking to buy a Droid 2 (Regular or Global). Not looking to spend a lot. Or I can trade my Droid X (I have a buyer for the Droid X already IF I can find a Droid 2) so no straight sale. But I am willing to do a trade of my Droid X for your Droid 2(or global).

    Item: Droid X
    Price: Trade for Droid 2 (or global)
    Rate: 7.5/10 (marks on bezel, but screen is near perfect)
    Includes: Box (no upc), Charger, USB, Leather Case (does have some cosmetic damage on case), battery, battery door and booklets.
    Location: Scottsburg IN
    Contact: TSHR1439@insightbb.com or PM

    Other: Like I said. I am looking to buy a Droid 2 for fairly cheap or trade my Droid x for it. No straight sale on the Droid X (already have a buyer if I find a D2/D2G to buy. Will trade for higher end phone as well for my DX plus I have hunting related items (if there are any hunters on here). I am not looking to add any cash because I have a wedding to pay for this October. Please let me know what you have. I have over 20 transactions on CrackBerry, 5+ on AF, and 100+ on eBay. Thanks Nick

    08-27-11 03:00 PM
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    Will trade for Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, or Droid Pro. Thanks Nick
    08-28-11 02:24 PM
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    Trade Pending
    08-28-11 08:32 PM