1. bholloway's Avatar
    Item Description : Bold 9000 or Bold 9700 for AT&T
    Price : Depends on which Bold
    Rate it : 8/10 or better
    What it comes with:
    Item location : N/A
    Shipping Details :N/A
    Payment Options : Paypal
    Contact Info : Send me a PM or an email to bholloway546@gmail.com

    Any additional info: I'm looking to buy a used Bold 9000 or 9700 for AT&T. Accessories are a plus but aren't that important. Condition of the phone generally has to be pretty good also. If you have a Bold you are looking to sell contact me and we can work something out. I have have a mint condition 32gb iPhone 3gs in white I'm trying to get rid of.
    04-24-10 11:31 AM
  2. rozzy9's Avatar
    PM sent...
    04-24-10 11:53 AM
  3. bholloway's Avatar
    I bought one from detfan. Thread can be closed.
    04-24-10 11:37 PM