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    I am having no luck finding a White Passport to buy. eBay is overpriced with the conversion and shipping. Absolutely having no luck with kijiji. Anyone have one for sale with shipping to Hamilton, Ontario?

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    03-19-16 06:20 AM
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    03-19-16 07:54 AM
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    Item Description: WTB Unlocked White Blackberry Passport or can be locked to Telus/Koodo
    Price Range: 350-450 CND
    Condition: MINT (9-10/10)
    Payment Method: Paypal or cash in person if in driving distance from Hamilton Ontario
    Additional Info:
    Contact Info - Please PM

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    03-19-16 09:43 AM
  4. Gadgetgirl38's Avatar
    Delete this thread. Got one and am currently using it.

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    03-19-16 03:35 PM

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