1. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    • Thread title: WTB: Verizon Bold 9930
    • Item Description : Phone with clean ESN and PIN. Extras always a bonus but not necessary. Prefer OEM stuff like box, manuals, etc.
    • Price Range: 0-???
    • Condition : Mint, near mint, new in box, slightly used
    • Payment Method : PayPal (Verified)
    • Contact Info : HeavyFluid@gmail.com or PM here.
    • Additional Info:
      It's time to make the move to a newer BB. As the seller, you need + feedback on this forum, if not others as well. You need to ship quickly. Absolutely no games. Pictures required.
    09-03-12 05:07 PM
  2. bunky1971's Avatar
    Check http://forums.crackberry.com/marketp...arance-742460/
    I have a 9930 available in there
    09-03-12 06:54 PM
  3. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Waiting on a package from bunky1971. I will update this thread when the phone is received.
    09-04-12 03:02 PM
  4. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    This can be closed. Received phone!!
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    09-07-12 05:57 PM