1. mbudden's Avatar
    Item Description : AT&T Blackberry Bold 9700
    Price : Depends
    Rate it : 9-10/10
    What it comes with : Preferably what came with the phone.
    Item location : Central PA
    Shipping Details : USPS.
    Payment Options : PayPal only
    Contact Info : PM or send me a E-Mail.

    Any additional info:

    Looking for a AT&T Blackberry Bold 9700. Must not have any scratches or blemishes. I like my phones looking clean, there for I don't want one that's been mistreated.

    Let me know what you have.
    04-03-11 03:17 PM
  2. c_86's Avatar
    if i can find a 9780 then i'll sell you my rogers one... will work on at&t
    04-04-11 09:12 PM
  3. mbudden's Avatar
    If that was the case, is it Unlocked?
    04-05-11 12:33 AM
  4. c_86's Avatar
    yes unlocked and in like new condition
    04-05-11 09:10 AM
  5. mbudden's Avatar
    24hr Bump.
    04-08-11 06:28 AM
  6. mbudden's Avatar
    Found one on eBay basically LNIB for pretty cheap w/ box & everything.
    Feel free to close this up.
    04-08-11 09:14 PM
  7. Duvi's Avatar
    thread closed... glad you got your 9700.
    04-09-11 04:28 AM