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    Hi Community,

    I wish to see if someone sells their PlayBook 3G+. I would accept a 4G but I will frankly NOT buy it higher as I only need the 3G/H+ part of it.

    Condition : Box and the accessories that came with it is intact, not opened by technician unless by BlackBerry, the rubber on the front is still intact, no cracks (obviously)

    Locked or Unlocked:I also require the unit to be unlocked already

    Price : 175$ for 3G+. Much better if it includes shipping.

    Method of Payment : PayPal

    I live in the Philippines so I would appreciate if buyer allows Shipping Overseas. I don't mind waiting for 3 weeks - 1 month though as long as there's a tracking number from the Parcel Service. I will also pay the taxes when it reaches here.


    Z30 | Z30STA100-2/ | Globe PH
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    03-14-14 03:20 PM
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    Made the edit and deleted the extra post. OP's in the Marketplace can only be edited by admins, so if you have any problem, the report button is also an option.

    I also added that you needed this shipped to your country, so people will know that to start with. I'm hoping we can help you achieve this.
    03-14-14 08:03 PM

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