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    Item Description : Looking to get an unlocked Pearl 3G or Torch 9860 that I can and MUST be able to use on T-Mobile 3G (1700/2100). I currently have an unlocked AT&T 9800 World Phone which is stuck on EDGE.
    Price Range: $200 or less
    Condition : Good to Excellent. Do not want any buttons loose/missing or screen scratches.
    Payment Method : Paypal
    Contact Info : PM me or email itsthefridge@gmail.com
    Additional Info: I would need the phone shipped to me. Again, I stress that it MUST support T-Mobile 3G.

    Weird: It shows my post count as "1", but this is not my first post.
    07-02-12 03:11 PM
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    Wanted to add that I would also accept a Torch 9810 that is from T-Mobile.
    07-02-12 03:21 PM
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    Bumping this up. I am desperate for one of these phones, especially the 9100 AWS!

    I looked at Amazon, but would rather go through the forum first.
    07-04-12 08:18 AM
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    I went ahead and ordered a 9100 AWS from amazon.

    This thread can be closed.
    07-10-12 04:04 PM