1. MRCUR's Avatar
    Item Description: Brand new (preferably still sealed box) Telus HTC Desire
    Price: Retail price + PayPal fees + shipping to PA, USA + extra for your time
    Rate it: NIB
    What it comes with: NIB, all standard accessories
    Item location:
    Shipping Details: I'll pay for FedEx/UPS/whatever shipping to PA
    Payment Options: PayPal with all fees covered
    Contact Info: Please reply to this thread or PM me!

    Any additional info: I'm desperately looking for an HTC Desire with AT&T 3G bands, which means it has to be a Telus model. I'm looking for someone in Canada to purchase one from Telus, Best Buy, Futureshop, etc. and ship it to me here in PA. I'd really like the box to still be factory sealed if at all possible.

    I'll pay the retail price of the phone ($450 CAD), shipping costs to PA, all PayPal fees (calculated through PayPal Fee Calculator by Ryan Olbe), as well as a reasonable fee for your time and help. Please reply here or PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    09-06-10 02:52 PM
  2. backdown00's Avatar
    Good phone. Much better than an iphone.
    Do you hate Apple that much you go out of your way to bash them in a buy sell trade post??
    09-07-10 08:45 AM
  3. MRCUR's Avatar
    I've found a Desire through HoFo.
    09-08-10 07:37 PM