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    Item Description : iPod Touch 2G or 3G (or maybe 1G) 8GB or 16GB.
    Price Range: as little as possible (see sob sorry below)
    Condition : working, screen must be ok (poor back is ok) 6/10 +
    Payment Method : Paypal gift
    Contact Info : pkcable(at)crackberry.com or PM

    Additional Info: I sold my iPod touch to my brother on Sunday for his wife, for Christmas for 50 dollars (the family price). It was a 2G 8GB. She took it to work today and it and her wallet were stolen from her desk. They are both devastated. I'm looking to help them get it replaced. Anyone got one collecting dust and willing to let it go cheap in the spirit of giving?
    12-27-11 05:31 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    We don't need cords, or headphones, or anything, just a device. ipod touch 1g WILL work, but I would prefer we got her a 2G or 3G. Will someone be Jennifer's (that's my sister-in-law's name) Christmas angel?
    12-27-11 08:01 PM
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    Well the story has a happy ending!!!!! My sister-in-law's boss, felt SO bad about it that he went out and bought her a brand new 4th gen touch and gave it to her yesterday! So thanks for all the offers, BUT I am now closing the thread!
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    12-30-11 12:26 PM