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    Item: See Below for Details
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    As is says, I am looking for some accessories for my HTC Thunderbolt and possibly my girls X. I am primarily looking for HTC Thunderbolt accessories though. Including but not limited to; extended battery, cases (preferably higher end i.e. Case Mate, Seidio, etc), Skin/shields, screen protectors, coupon codes for sites, mounts/docks, etc.

    As far as the X goes. Possibly interested in cases (jeweled cases, girly ones, etc), skins, screen protector, docks, etc.

    Just let me know what you have. worst I can say is I dont need it or not interested. If you do not have feedback, we will need to work something out as far as payment and shipping. I have flawless feedback on here (over 20 transactions) and on eBay, Android Forums, etc. Just ask. Plenty of people can vouch. Feedback for here is in my signature.

    Thanks Nick
    04-24-11 08:06 PM
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