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    Item Description : WTB Grey Verizon Blackberry Curve 3G
    Price : $150 USD or less (negotiable)
    Rate it : 9.5/10 or better
    What it comes with : At least the phone, battery, and battery door
    Item location : lower 48 states
    Shipping Details : I will pay UPS/FedEx/USPS
    Payment Options : PayPal only (verified address please)
    Contact Info : awwilson6882@gmail.com

    Additional Info: I would prefer one in mint condition with no visual blemishes, and would prefer a phone with the original box and all OEM accessories. However, if you have a phone and a battery door in mint condition, I would consider it, but obviously my offer will differ depending on accessories included.

    Please feel free to email me any questions.
    12-30-10 04:49 PM
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    Still looking if anyone out there is selling.

    Would also be interested in a Verizon Bold 9650 in mint condition.
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    01-01-11 10:05 AM
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    Still looking for a Grey Verizon Curve 3G. Email me if you're interested in selling one.
    01-03-11 02:10 PM
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    Still looking for a Grey Verizon Curve 3G in mint condition. Please email me at awwilson6882@gmail.com if you have one and are interested in selling.

    Would also consider Verizon Bold 9650s in mint condition, as well, but would prefer the Curve.
    01-06-11 11:16 AM
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    Still looking.

    Also would buy a Verizon 9650 for $200 or less in mint condition. Only need the phone, battery and battery door.
    01-07-11 01:41 PM
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    Mods, this is an old thread that I forgot about, but apparently I'm still getting a couple replies here and there...so please close it because I've found one.

    01-28-11 11:11 AM