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    found both thanks
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    01-19-10 10:10 AM
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    Actually you probably DON'T want the Tmobile one, it's the wrong frequency 3G, but any other will do. An unlocked Tmo 9700 WILL work on Rogers, but at EDGE and below, which as you may know, Telus/Bell do not have as they are 3G only on the GSM side.
    01-19-10 10:36 AM
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    Woops, your right, I didn't know that :/. Thanks for clearing that up. Although if I got a really good deal I would be willing to take the tmo. Its for my dad and he only uses the messaging plan.

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    01-19-10 10:38 AM
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    i have one up for grabs...at&t branded comes with extended battery, oem battery and cover and car charger and white blackberry gel and epik gel...
    01-19-10 09:31 PM
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    got one already thanks
    01-20-10 09:34 AM