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    Item Description : AT&T Blackberry Bold (or unlocked Bold)
    Price : < 300 please
    Rate it : 8.5 or better
    What it comes with : I don't care about a box or headphones, as I have all that, but the syncing cable, charger are a must, and would like the case that came standard with the bold is possible.
    Item location : Doesn't matter, I'm near Chicago
    Shipping Details : Include shipping costs in your offer (I'm in zip code 46360)
    Payment Options : Paypal
    Contact Info : PM me or shoot me an e-mail at akazmucha@me.com

    Any additional info: Reasonable offers will all be entertained. Only make an offer if the PIN is clean as well. Thanks.

    NOTE: I have a 32GB white 3G S that I may consider selling. I haven't really decided yet, but I would possibly consider a BB Bold + cash trade for it, but the bold would have to be either BNIB or VERY mint in order for me to consider, plus cash on top.
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    08-12-09 09:52 PM
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    email sent.
    08-12-09 10:01 PM
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    Responded to all e-mails and PMs. Still taking offers as of now.
    08-12-09 11:44 PM
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    Any more offers guys?
    08-13-09 01:55 PM
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    Mods please lock.
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    Could some one offer BB Bold 9000 to India ?
    08-21-09 07:53 AM
  7. thej's Avatar
    Need an unlocked version

    Price: less than $350
    Rate: >8.5
    Shipping: To India.. Include ur shipping cost

    Welcome good offers
    08-21-09 07:55 AM