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    What: Blackberry Torch 9810 for ATT
    Condition: 8/10
    Price: $170 shipped or less
    Included: Phone, battery, battery case
    Location: Ship to Maryland
    Payment: Via Paypal
    Contact: PM'ing me is fine, or a reply to the thread.

    Reason: Touchscreen stopped working when it was slid open (known problem) so I took it into do a warranty exchange and was told I was incorrectly informed that a refurbished phone bought from att had a year warrant, rather it was only 90 days. Now, physical keyboard has stopped working so I can only use the phone as a touchscreen when it's closed. Luckily I do still have use of the trackpad and physical buttons but no telling for how long.
    05-18-12 11:58 AM
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    ...and bump
    05-21-12 09:15 PM
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    The touchscreen stops working because the physical keyboard is exposed. Anyway, I encourage you to not take no for an answer here. If ATT gave you a defective device then they can and should replace it for you.
    I had a problem (that I had a little something to do with) and they just asked me a few question and shipped me a new one under warranty.
    If anyone at ATT gave you bad information that is their responsibility. Don't roll over for them.
    Good luck.
    05-21-12 10:13 PM
  4. raddbj03's Avatar
    I am looking to sell my att torch 9810. Are you still looking to purchase??
    05-24-12 12:42 AM
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    I am. Can you post or PM me the details?
    05-24-12 07:28 AM
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    I accidentally posted a guest message to your account and not a PM. Check it out. Thanks.
    05-24-12 07:47 AM
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    Oh and my computer is down so I'm doing this all on mobile. It would be easier to email you pictures if you provide me with an email. Thank you.
    05-24-12 07:51 AM
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    Sale pending with raddbj03.
    05-26-12 01:36 PM
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    Transaction concluded, please close this thread.
    06-01-12 03:00 PM