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    Item Description : WTB: Iphone for at&t 3g
    Price: Under 250 for 8gb under 300 for 16gb
    Rate it :8/10 or better
    What it comes with : Preferably everything in box
    Item location : Needs to be shipped to louisiana
    Shipping Details : will pay for shipping
    Payment Options : paypal
    Contact Info : kateramsey7@yahoo.com

    Any additional info:
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    06-28-09 08:09 PM
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    Here's the section on posting in the market place, hope it helps.

    6) Follow the Marketplace Posting Guidelines. ALL posts must follow the format below. If you don't post in the proper format, you will be asked to edit your post. If do not, you post will be removed.

    The format is as follows:

    The thread title must use one of the following abbreviations:

    WTS = wanted to sell
    WTB = wanted to buy
    WTT = wanted to trade
    All new threads will need to use the following template for posting, please just copy and paste this into your new thread:

    Item Description :
    Price :
    Rate it :
    What it comes with :
    Item location :
    Shipping Details :
    Payment Options :
    Contact Info :

    Any additional info:

    This is how it should look before you post your thread:


    Thread title: WTB Unlocked BlackBerry 8300

    Item Description : WTB Unlocked BlackBerry 8300
    Price : $330 USD or less
    Rate it : 8/10 or better
    What it comes with : At least a charger & manual
    Item location : Austin, TX
    Shipping Details : I will pay UPS/FedEx/USPS
    Payment Options : PayPal only
    Contact Info : anyone@crackberry.com
    06-28-09 08:20 PM
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    ...as per bholloway, please follow the guidelines, or this thread will be closed. Rules are, here.

    06-28-09 08:26 PM
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    I apologize I'm going to fix it as I stated I didn't know the format for wanted to buy I just left the office ill be home in under an hour and fix it

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    06-28-09 08:28 PM
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    No worries just fix it as soon as you can.
    06-28-09 08:40 PM
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    PM Sent!
    06-28-09 09:27 PM
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    replied! thanks
    06-29-09 12:20 AM
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    Counter reply sent!
    06-29-09 12:40 PM
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    Reply sent!

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    06-29-09 01:25 PM
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    you still looking??
    07-01-09 01:28 PM
  11. Kateramse7's Avatar
    Yea nothing definite yet

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    07-01-09 01:30 PM
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    Got a iphone 3G in great condition, 8GB, 3.0 software. I can sell this on ebay for $300, so under $250 won't quite work. Could sell it to you shipping included for $275.
    07-01-09 01:58 PM
  13. timd28's Avatar
    Too much? Anyone?
    07-01-09 06:35 PM
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    Sorry took so long to reply, thanks to everyone who sent offers, i got one! Please close thread!
    07-01-09 06:55 PM
  15. Garz's Avatar
    Too much? Anyone?
    yes that was too much. Over market value.

    Thread close per OP's request
    07-01-09 07:01 PM