1. phoreoneone's Avatar
    My 9320 has been washed along with my clothes so I need a cheap phone that will last me until the release of BB10.

    Item Description : Any Blackberry
    Price Range: $0 < x < $100
    Condition : New/Used
    Payment Method : Paypal/Local
    Contact Info : Private Message
    Additional Info: The phone would have to be able to run on Wind/Mobilicity
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    07-17-12 12:30 AM
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    This post is poorly written, first off you need to look at the guidelines for posting, secondly, you have to realize that your phone was prolly that price on contract, buying an off contract phone new can be a bit more expensive. Third, you need to not only say where you are at but what carrier you use.
    07-17-12 12:39 AM