1. Silverfern's Avatar
    contact me with more info, i want either one
    01-18-12 01:16 AM
  2. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    9810 - you're getting a couple more features for your money with a large touch screen plus a physical keyboard and more memory

    9860 - you're getting a higher resoultion screen, a thinner phone, a nicer form factor

    both do hd video, have decent cameras with auto-focus, it's just nice to have the slider keyboard as an option, but the 9860 virtual keyboard is still good though

    i don't mind the 9810's design, but it isn't the most attractive of the bb7 phones according to some, i really do enjoy my 9810 though

    both are pretty cool in my opinion, but up to you really, both also have mobile hotspot available either officially or through a leaked os, either way, great feature to have
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    01-18-12 02:07 AM
  3. trueha's Avatar
    do u interest with porsche P9981?
    01-25-12 06:57 AM