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    Item Description: Month-Old BlackBerry Storm2 9550 (Unlocked)

    Price: $300; including the accessories and shipping costs.

    Rate It: Easy 9 out of 10.

    What It Comes With: Device, charger, black Case-Mate Barely There case, black gel case, travel adapters for the charger, all original manuals and software, a 2GB SD card, an extra BlackBerry-branded DX-1 battery, and a genuine leather BlackBerry holster, and a BlackBerry headset!

    Item Location: Sacramento, California

    Shipping Details: Will pay for UPS or USPS only.

    Payment Options: PayPal only.

    Contact Information: codythibeau@yahoo.com or PM. Available anytime!

    Additional Information: I'm selling my Storm2, reluctantly, for a Bold2 for work purposes. This thing is in excellent shape.

    I try to take the best care of my devices, hence the protection with cases and the holster. It's running the newest official OS, and is one of the updated Storm2's with new actuators.

    The accessories that come with the phone are is just as good shape as the phone itself so that means: no scratches, flawless screen, no chips in the cases or tear in the holster, everything is 9-9.5 out of 10! Guaranteed!

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    Are you willing to trade it for a Bold 9700 unlocked? I've got some pics on my other trade thread. You send first though. I'm sending with standard post. You can do the same.
    I don't need the: black Case-Mate Barely There case, black gel case, SD card and extra BlackBerry-branded DX-1 battery. That makes the trade more fair. I'll be sending everything that was included in the box except the SD card.
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    Sooold. Please close thread.

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