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    This Phone
    Used 1 year. Just put in a new screen, and new trackball. No scratched corners or back. Looks great, I was a freak about it. Price is $250. Unlocked, so will work with Rogers, Fido, as well as tons of other US and Global carriers. This is the best Curve out there, it even out-specs the Bold 9000 for memory, and screen resolution.

    Extras (You get them all for free)

    * Official Blackberry Chargepod ( $30 new) **
    * Sena Leather sleeve ($30 new)
    * Official Blackberry Car Charger ($25 new)
    * 8GB Micro SD ($28 new)
    * Black snap on case ($12 new)

    ** If you have never had a Blackberry charging pod before, they are great. Phone can be set to automatically go into Night Mode: no alerts other than actual voices calls, displays the clock, activates nightly alarm. Just put into into the pod, and it starts charging. Remove from pod, and night mode disables.

    Asking $250 shipped. Feel free to comment if this is a reasonable price.
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