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    Item Description: T-Mobile branded 9780
    Price: $90 each, shipped to US.
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked
    Condition: 9.9/10 and 9.7/10
    Includes:Charger/USB cable/2gb microsd card
    Item Location: Michigan
    Shipping Details: USPS or FedEx
    Payment Options: Paypal
    Additional Info: Both have a ding in the edging. They're really minor (hence the 9.7 & 9.9), But I want to be thorough and I've included pictures
    Photos: ** These are required.
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below or my pin is 2B694834
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    07-21-14 06:24 PM
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    07-21-14 06:27 PM
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    Forgot you can't edit in the marketplace.

    The third pic and the fourth pic are different phones. One has the ding on the back (the white near the seam where the battery cover meets the phone body wiped off after the photo was taken.. the ding is what the photo is of)

    The other (4th pic) has the ding near the front bottom right corner.

    To me, they're minor, but just so no one is surprised.

    Will accept offers on each or together.
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    07-21-14 06:30 PM
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    Beautiful devices

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    07-21-14 06:50 PM
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    To clarify, $90 per unit, or together? I'll make the edit to save confusion.
    07-21-14 11:29 PM
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    To clarify, $90 per unit, or together? I'll make the edit to save confusion.
    Sorry, yes, $90 a piece. Thought about listing separate template info for each, but they're so identical I combined them.

    $90 each (free shipping).
    $150 together (free shipping).

    Open to offers (though no trades).
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    07-22-14 09:44 AM
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    Bump. anyone want both for 100 shipped?
    08-12-14 10:42 AM

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