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    As you may recall the Thread http://forums.crackberry.com/f14/fs-...-model-579000/ a scam case has been cracked down and would like to send a special thanks to those who have helped bring down this scammer. Of course without the help of our great and helpful Crackberry community this scammer wouldve still be on the loose. Yes I have read the whole thread and was happy everything worked out great and the scammer was exposed and hopefully paying for the consequences. I also wanted to post a reply to Apalm8's last comment but then realized the thread has been closed, so I decided to do it on a new thread (btw if you don't undertand what this is, I posted the link to the thread and feel free to read it):

    Well where do I start?

    First, I'll start by saying that Xion901 and I were supposed to trade a T-Mobile 9700 for an AT&T 9700 straight up.

    Now, I guess I'll address all of the points you attempted to make...

    The screenshot you posted of our PMs...thank you for making my case for me...it shows me sending you tracking information...that was on January 24th...you didn't post tracking information until january 31st...and even that tracking information was fake (which just proves how dishonest you are). Didn't you just say that in a trade both parties are supposed to send items at the same time? Maybe you should have taken your own advice.

    I don't know if you're in college or not but you are very rude, degrading, and have no sense of grammer. You communication is very unclear, such that you don't make any sense at times. I don't know why you think that you were doing me a favor...I wasn't looking for a favor...I was looking for a trade.

    As for me saying that I was one step ahead of you...well...I was. :-)

    After talking to you for a few days and seeing how you couldn't put a sentence together, you dragged your feet in getting this deal done, and you were so rude...I was ready to call the trade off...instead I shipped you an old piece of crap Blackberry with a note attached...the note said something like: "You have not been scammed, it is just you have not given me any reason to trust you. However, I know that I am a very honest person so once I receive the phone you are sending me, I will immediately ship your phone to you."

    It is a good thing I did that because the next day I see this thread and how you are acting fishy with Air Supply...I honestly think you were going to try to scam both of us and you got scared like a baby about what might happen to you so you called it off.

    So yes I was one step ahead of you.

    As for me jumping on Air Supply's bandwagon...that is not true...I made a post in this thread stating that I had a trade in progress with you and I would update this thread to let everyone know how it goes...well...I don't think I have to tell everyone how it ended up...

    So let's recap...

    1. You agreed that we were to ship the phones at the same time (You didn't ship yours).

    2. You lied to me multiple times saying my phone was already en route to me (clearly it wasn't).

    3. You told me multiple times that you would give me tracking info (you never posted real tracking info).

    4. You posted fake tracking info (that was another lie).

    4. You were involved in another scandal on this thread (clearly you are the common denominator).

    5. You were constantly rude, derogatory, and told multiple lies (that type of behavior just makes you look like a clown).

    I will admit I called you some names but only after you attacked me...

    I am just upset that you have the privilege of studying in our country...I was you would go back to the UK so that they could deal with you.

    I wish you nothing but the worst luck in the future and I hope you are banned from this site.
    A dummy makes a dumba.s.s move and gets fully exposed by a dummy phone which was planned by an anti-dummy genius. Well done my friend. I'm sure this was a lesson he'll never forget which also may have ruined his future life with such offence (hoping he was reported as well). I am so greatful to be a part of a community full of great, helpful, and trustworthy people. Hey who wouldve thought a criminal would be cought red handed on a forum!!! From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for making this community a great place.

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    i've read the whole thread. I'm glad that at least airsupply and apalm at least got their items back!
    02-03-11 01:14 AM
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    ENOUGH! Let it go, it all worked out!
    02-03-11 08:06 AM