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    This is a like new Blackberry Storm 2 set up for Verizon Wireless. My father in law thought he wanted a smartphone, and gave it a shot, but he went back to a simple LG flip phone after only 1 week with this. It does not have any scratches on it at all, front or back. Includes the following:

    BlackBerry Storm 2 Smartphone with installed Global SIM card
    Global Wall Charger
    USB computer cable
    All manuals and BB software CD
    DX-1 Battery
    2GB MicroSD card
    Blackberry Stereo Headset
    Original box (one side flap cut off because he sent in the rebate)

    Phone has been wiped and I called Verizon to make sure the PIN was cleared off the BIS. It's ready for activation!

    $175 shipped USPS with insurance and tracking. Paypal only. PM me here.

    09-21-10 07:58 AM
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    You'd better read this thread and fix your post, or the mods will pull it

    09-21-10 08:26 AM
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    Thanks. Not sure I can edit per the thread you posted though.

    Anyway, I'll try to comply now:

    Item Description : BB Storm 2 9550
    Price : $175
    Rate it : 10/10
    What it comes with : Charger, USB cable, box, books, leather holster, phone, box, DX-1 battery
    Item location : Southern NH
    Shipping Details : USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance
    Payment Options : Paypal only from Verified buyer
    Contact Info : PM me here on Crackberry.

    Any additional info: See above post (sorry Mods, for not posting correctly the first time!)
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    09-22-10 07:29 AM
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    Phone is sold. Thanks for looking.
    09-22-10 10:05 AM