09-09-10 06:34 PM
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  1. cenloe's Avatar
    Yeah last week I had the same thing happen to me. They try to pay you absurd amounts and get you to send it out ASAP. This happened to me with eBay before and is certainly a scam, be careful and make sure you get a tracking number when dealing with Paypal, otherwise the charge will be reversed and you will have to pay back the entire amount.
    09-07-10 07:38 PM
  2. JYo's Avatar
    Would someone enlighten me as to how this particular scam is supposed to work?

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    09-07-10 11:55 PM
  3. NorrisCell's Avatar
    Hahaha, I have like 20 fake paypal emails
    One scammer asked me if I was trying to scam him, I literally loled
    This is one of my favorite parts. "You think I scammer?. YOU the scammer!!!!!"
    09-08-10 04:37 AM
  4. NorrisCell's Avatar
    Would someone enlighten me as to how this particular scam is supposed to work?

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    Simple. You get an email from "Paypal" (The scammer's own email from a free domain, such as "paymentverification@consultant.com") saying that the buyer's payment has been approved but you won't see the money in your account until the tracking number is verified. For those that ship their item, "Paypal" makes promises and excuses for a few days until the scammer has the item in hand. Then you never hear from them again. You don't receive the payment because there isn't one.

    The hilarious part is that the fake PayPal email this particular scammer sent me said that "due to no PayPal feedback as a seller" my payment was held until the tracking info was verified. I have ~100 verified transactions with PayPal and have had this premier account for four years. These scams (Most scams) prey on the uninformed.
    09-08-10 04:42 AM
  5. NorrisCell's Avatar
    I like john v's idea. I am putting a phone in the marketplace soon, if I get a scammer I just might have to have some fun with it.
    Have fun with it. I do it all the time with the Craig's List people. Winds them up to no end. Start out super friendly, then start making demands of them "if they truly want the item". Claim that you emailed PayPal and they have no record of a payment. Ask if you can call and discuss details with them. Heck, say whatever you want. Just be ready for the string of broken English obscenities if you ever tell them the truth.

    My favorite recent one from a Craig's List scammer, whom I strung along for a couple weeks: "I knew your father, and he was a stupid pig. I hope your death soon"

    Also, for a good read, check out 419 Eater. Those guys take the act of wasting a scammer's time to the extreme.
    09-08-10 04:45 AM
  6. cooldudie3's Avatar
    lol I got one for my bold. I remember clearly stating wanting only a trade. yet he sent one about selling mine.
    09-08-10 04:46 AM
  7. Average Joe's Avatar
    Yup, he sent me one too...I replied "what country do you want it shipped to. Let me know and we will get this deal done".

    He replied with the Nigerian address, to which I replied:

    "Sorry, I don't ship to Nigeria"

    Never heard from him again lol

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    09-09-10 06:29 PM
  8. pyrus's Avatar
    i say we send him somthing funny...if i had somthing worth selling i would post it to get him to respond and i would send him somthing funny like a photo of a bunch of people mooning him or flipping him the bird...all while telling him i would be sending the item in question
    09-09-10 06:34 PM
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