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    Item Description : Sprint PCS BB Tour 9630 SIM Unlocked

    Price: $300.00

    Rate it : 9.5/10. Phone cosmetics are clean. No scratches on the screen or on the body. Buttons and ESPECIALLY the track ball are in excellent condition. This is a replacement device i have had for about a month now which replaced my original launch day Sprint Tour. It had the trackball issues but this one does not. It still has the plastic on the screen from when i picked it up. I have put on the overlay as well as you can see in the photos.

    What it comes with : Box, Manual, CD, other printed materials that shipped with the unit PLUS:

    -Seidio Extended battery
    -Stock OEM battery
    -Sprint AND Verizon battery door covers (purchased the Verizon cover from Ebay)
    -Two yes TWO desktop chargers
    -Two Travel Chargers
    -Two USB cables
    -6 gig MicroSD card (see photo)
    -Original phone case

    Item location : Atlanta GA

    Shipping Details : whatever the seller wants

    Payment Options : Paypal to ship, or cash in person. you can also use PayPal if we are able to meet in person.

    Contact Info : mabernat@pdaphonehome.com (i am an Admin at Pdaphonehome.com. I recently sold a Touch Pro and a Nextel Curve on this site)

    Any questions please ask.

    Again price is $300.00

    EDIT: Reason I am selling is because I have no need for 3 phones on my account and its just me! I am a PPC device user since 2001 and I have just purchased the PRO 2 and the HTC Hero.

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    these didnt post for some reason...

    10-13-09 10:14 PM
  3. fumbalah's Avatar
    Would you sell any of the stuff seperately?
    10-14-09 12:05 AM
  4. BergerKing's Avatar
    If only.....sweet package there. Wish I had the cash.

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    10-14-09 12:16 AM
  5. Bond J's Avatar
    I am willing to buy one of the cradles..
    10-14-09 01:15 AM
  6. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Willing to sell the extended battery seperate?
    10-14-09 05:01 AM
  7. marctronixx's Avatar
    hello and thank you for the inquires.

    the entire package has to be sold at once am not willing to part out anything.

    phones and accessories are already packed and ready to go to a serious paying buyer. I think the price is very reasonable considering what all is included.

    any questions about anything else definitely email me or post here.

    thank you all again for your inquiries.

    10-14-09 06:45 AM
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    I just sent an email. I'm definitely interested in the entire package. I've only done one buy on here, but I have excellent ebay feedback. I can send my ebay user name if needed.


    10-14-09 07:41 AM
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    very very good price.. wish you'd be willing to split it up some but oh well..

    free bump and good luck!
    10-14-09 03:42 PM
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    Thank you for the bump. package is still available. its packed and ready to ship. i too have excellent ebay feedback and im under the same name on fleabay...
    10-14-09 08:47 PM
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    PM sent
    10-14-09 10:55 PM
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    PM sent your way.
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    10-16-09 07:24 PM
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    thank you all for your inquiries and interest. package has been sold. mods can close this thread.
    10-16-09 08:15 PM