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    We seem to have become a little lax lately with posting pictures with our listings. Remember with the exception of WTB (Want to Buy) threads, you MUST include a picture/pictures with your listing. It is much prefered that you do this at the time of the posting, IF for some reason you do not and you plan to "post pics later" later must be within a day, or your listing will be deleted. You may or may not receive a warning. The best bet is to just wait to list your device until you have a picture ready to go. Here is a copy of the rule for your reference.....

    2) You are required to post a picture of the ACTUAL item, with the start of the thread, not after. Do not Edit the your first post. Copy and Paste the images into a new post. Stock manufacturers/retailers photo's may be posted only to supplement a photo of your item, not in place of a photo of the actual item. If you do not have a digital camera of any type, your options are to borrow a friends or to take film pictures and either scan them yourself or have the photo store put them on a photo CD. Show closeups of damage/wear, if any, so buyers will not be surprised when they receive the item. If your item is used, clean it up a little before shooting. Your picture needs to show buyers that your item is worth the cost. Any photos in question that are not in good quality, you will be asked to retake them. [/warn]
    11-22-10 08:51 AM