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    Please use caution when buying and selling on CrackBerry.com and when online, in general...

    Crackberry.com takes no responsibility for any transactions conducted in the Marketplace forums. Be wary of who you enter transactions with - ask for references and be cautious.

    We recommend that you use a credited company, like PayPal for sending / receiving payments. With PayPal you can have some type of security. Do not use untraceable payments such as Money Gram when purchasing items.

    The same goes for shipping items. Use companies like, UPS, FedEx, or USPS. They all provide tracking information, and offer insurance. Please be careful and do your research when shipping internationally. We suggest that you obtain the respective insurance to help cover your item(s) being shipped. And, ultimately covering you, the shipper...

    Know ahead of time what you are getting into . We cannot take responsibility for any bad sellers or buyers. Be safe in the buying & selling market. Check the Marketplace Feedback Forum before conducting a transaction.

    No users are permitted to post slanderous "warnings" or statements about other members either. You may PM a Moderator to handle the situation, but will not be permitted to publicly flame a person who has scammed you in a transaction.

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    07-09-07 09:42 AM