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    Item Description: Verizon BlackBerry Classic (Prefer black...and a "no camera" model is fine too!))
    Price Range: $250-300
    Condition: BNIB - 9.5/10
    Payment Method: PayPal
    Additional Info: I prefer device to have box and all accessories with it. As I said, BNIB would be great!)
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below

    *You can check my feedback here or at Howardforums for character/integrity/honesty inspection!

    03-03-15 10:59 AM
  2. TLD1's Avatar
    Oops...didn't mean to lowball. I'd be willing to pay $300-400.

    03-03-15 12:25 PM
  3. BerryRipe's Avatar
    Why not just buy it outright from Verizon yourself?

    Posted via CB10
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    03-03-15 12:31 PM
  4. TLD1's Avatar
    Why not just buy it outright from Verizon yourself?

    Posted via CB10
    If I could get it at the right price, I might. I actually called, and $399.99 + tax isn't the right price.

    I'm just looking to experiment anyway.
    03-03-15 03:19 PM
  5. TLD1's Avatar
    Mods...please close this. I'm going to try to find a VZW Q10 for cheap just to see if I can go back to OS10 or not before I spend $$$ on a Classic.

    If anybody has a pretty nice VZW Q10 in the $100-175 range that doesn't double type...PM me please, I'm a buyer!
    03-04-15 02:57 PM
  6. TLD1's Avatar
    Moderators, please lock this up!
    03-05-15 03:41 PM
  7. bunky1971's Avatar
    Check with DINGSTER1, think there was a white Q10 for $100

    Posted via CB10
    03-05-15 05:41 PM
  8. TLD1's Avatar
    Got a black one otw. Thanks though, bunky!
    03-05-15 11:46 PM

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