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    I have a Pearl (ATT) that I used for about 10 months before upgrading to the 9700. I have about 4 or 5 skins for it and everything that originally came in the box. I don't know what to sell it for because I know that it's an older model but it is in very good condition. I take excellent care of all my phones. I'd like to know if anyone is willing to throw an offer out there. I have Paypal and even Ebay but honestly I'm lazy but willing to take some shots of it for anyone wanting to see it.

    Sorry for not posting pics. But here are some. The only noticable marking is around the trackball. There are some chips in it. And I forgot to mention that it comes with everything in the box except for the memory card. There is also an extra home charger.
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    I would edit your post...

    People are really anal on here about adhering to the FS post structure & pics are a must.

    With that said, PM me your best price.
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