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    Item: Hd 66 720p 3d projector, plus a 3dxl box
    Location: Akron, Oh
    Rate It: 9.5/10 projector as under 600 hours put on the bulb out of 3000 (projector has been run in eco mode unless doing a review) 3dxl has VERY little use on it
    Description: I have a Optoma HD66 projector plus 3dxl box ( no glasses included) that would be great for someone looking to get a theater projector or upgrade the one they have now..this thing is a AWESOME projector that I have NEVER had any problems with, I am getting a new optoma 3d projector in to review so I thought I would offer this to someone
    Price: 750 shipped paypal personal payment for both
    Shipping: USPS

    also please note the picture shown is a 3d image being projected, it is not out of focus or having problems here is a review I did on this 3d box and projector (I have also since got a USA verison of the 3dxl, no europe verison)
    SatelliteGuys FIRST LOOK: Optoma 3D-XL Projector Adapter
    12-12-11 11:51 AM
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    One price drop to 675, that is a amazing deal....contact me asap as it wont last long at this price.
    12-13-11 12:44 PM
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    anyone want to make an offer on this? it is listed on ebay but I would rater sell here...how about 625?
    12-22-11 01:15 PM