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    Item Description: New in box White Z10 STL100-4
    Price: $300 or reasonable trade
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Sim card unlocked from factory, but Verizon variant.
    Condition: Brand new. Opened to test
    Includes: All original accessories
    Item Location: South Chicago IL
    Shipping Details: *standard shipping included
    Payment Options: prefer paypall "gift"
    Additional Info:
    Photos: ** will post photos in next post. all photos on other device
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below

    Specs for STL100-4 radio frequencies. Check your carrier for compatibility please.

    CDMA/PCS (850/1900 MHz)
    WCDMA Band 1 & 8 (900/2100 MHz)
    Quad Band GSM/EDGE (850/900/1900/1800 MHz)
    LTE Band-13 (700MHz)
    12-22-13 08:08 PM
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    New In Box White Verizon Z10 (STL100-4)-img_20131222_190926.jpg
    New In Box White Verizon Z10 (STL100-4)-img_20131222_185636.jpg
    New In Box White Verizon Z10 (STL100-4)-img_20131222_185611.jpg
    New In Box White Verizon Z10 (STL100-4)-img_20131222_185115.jpg
    New In Box White Verizon Z10 (STL100-4)-img_20131222_184759.jpg

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    12-22-13 08:10 PM
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    See several lookers... any interests?
    See on ebay for 350. Figured I'd rather keep in community.
    Open to reasonable offers remember.
    Thanks for looking

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    12-24-13 12:27 AM
  4. mopar_fxr's Avatar

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    12-24-13 09:57 PM
  5. ajst222's Avatar
    I sent you a PM yesterday
    12-25-13 05:45 AM
  6. mopar_fxr's Avatar
    I sent you a PM yesterday
    Sorry didn't see it, just replied. Merry Xmas btw

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    12-25-13 09:02 AM
  7. mopar_fxr's Avatar
    275?? Will consider reasonable offers or trade. If trade I am on att, so would need to work on my network please

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    12-27-13 10:54 AM
  8. mopar_fxr's Avatar
    Well, this can be closed mods
    My first experience in the marketplace has been a successful one. I had just received the trade phone today. Long in short ajst222 went way beyond what was needed or asked for and I received a fresh device on trade. Major props will be coming your way in the feedback section! Thanks man and welcome back to BlackBerry

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    01-21-14 09:03 PM

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