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    I purchased this battery for my Blackberry Z10, but very shortly afterward I bought a Z30. The battery has been used very little and is in like new condition and battery life. Comes with extended battery door cover and is NFC ready. Original packaging.

    This is available on eBay for 21 more hours. You can get this at a very good price.

    >link removed by moderator <

    Mugen Power Super Extended 3800mAh Battery For Blackberry Z10 4G LTE
    Manufacturer's Part # HLI-Z10XL 3.8V
    Compatible: Blackberry Z10 4G LTE (will not fit 3G European version)

    Mugen Power is the worldwide leading brand of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices. Mugen Power means performance and quality and delivers a full spectrum of high quality products for PDAs, Smartphones, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, portable DVD players, notebooks, UMPCs and Personal Media Devices.

    Extend the life of your phone with the most powerful battery on the market for BlackBerry Z10 from Mugen Power. This extended battery is powered by premium quality cells to guarantee the highest levels of protection and performance while offering you over 2x more capacity of your original battery.

    Battery Specifications:

    Lithium Ion

    3.8V 3800mAh

    High Performance

    No Memory Effect

    Light Weight

    Long Lifetime

    Best Quality

    NFC Ready

    Comes with an extended battery door cover designed to match the phone's original color and finish
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    I ended the above auction because of 2 errors in the battery specifications. It's re-listed again for 3 days. Here's the eBay link: >removed by moderator<

    Any questions please let me know. This battery has been hardly used at all.
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    [info] Selling in an 'auction' manner (i.e.: highest bidder) or linking to items for sale on an outside site (ex: eBay) is not allowed. [/info]
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