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    I dont know if there are any motorcycle riders on here, but I ride a lot and buy new gear a lot so I have to get rid of some of this. I will accept offers or I will trade for Verizon Wireless compatible phones. I have sold 3 items on here and give 5 away in the Pay It forward Thread. I also have 100% feedback on eBay.

    First Helmet:

    Item description: Shoei X-11 Vermeulen TC-3 Helmet Size Medium ($600 New)
    Rate: 9.5 / 10
    Price: $380 obo or Trade for Storm 2 or Motorola Droid
    Location: Scottsburg Indiana
    Shipping: You Decide
    Comes With: Helmet, Bag, Dark smoke Shield, Booklet, ans possibly a clear shield if I can find it. There are NO scratches on the helmet at all. Worn 12 times total. These still go for $550 plus on eBay and $600 + from Shoei.

    Second Helmet:
    Item: Shoei RF-1000 Flutter Helmet Size Medium
    Rate: 9/10
    Price: $290 obo (maybe trades)
    Comes With: Dark Smoke Shield, Bag, Box and maybe clear shield if I can find it. This helmet is also in great condition. Worn maybe 20 times. These still retail for $340 plus.


    Item: Large MotoGP Corkscrew Jacket
    Rate: 8/10
    Price: $120
    Comes with: Jacket and the bag. There is wear on the jacket cause It was my primary jacket. It does need to be cleaned. I may be able to do it before I ship. It is full leather jacket but it also breathable. Full armor as well.

    Email me at d2meclipsegt@gmail.com . I will respond immediately. or PM me and I will also respond.



    12-16-09 11:06 AM
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    Pictures updated, more can be supplied on request.
    12-16-09 01:34 PM
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    Aww it would be nice if you had a blue and white one to match my gsxr

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    12-16-09 01:46 PM
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    Blue White and Yellow matches, lol.
    12-16-09 02:02 PM