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    Item Description: Barely-used WiFi only (1st Gen), 16G BlackBerry Playbook + EXTRAS

    Price: $150 USD (will also be posting on eBay, based on responses here)

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: N/A (WiFi only)

    Condition: Mint--9/10 (only rating it a "9" because it is used, but it is LIKE NEW)

    Includes: 16Gb WiFi BlackBerry Playbook, original charger,* original data cable,** black/blue reversible neoprene BlackBerry sleeve, BlackBerry convertible case with 3 viewing angles,*** all original boxes for Playbook and convertible case, original receipts.

    Item Location: Quebec

    Shipping Details: Will be shipped insured and with tracking, buyer's cost and at buyer's choice of shipping provider.

    Payment Options: PayPal

    Additional Info:
    PLEASE ignore fingerprints/dust in the pictures (haven't used it in a while and wanted to take pictures asap).
    Rest assured that the Playbook will be security wiped and wiped clean of fingerprints/dust prior to packaging and shipping.

    pertaining to item inclusion details above:
    * Original charger can be used as a rapid charger for BlackBerry phones (and is the same charger sold as BB phone micro-USB rapid charger)--charges mine fully in under 2 hrs
    **Original micro-USB to USB data cable: this has been lovingly nibbled by one of my cats, but works 100%--however, IF YOU PREFER, I can swap it for a brand-new, unused aftermarket data cable instead which I'd bought to replace this when sold---see image #5 below to see the original data cable up close and image #6 for the original cable next to brand new, unused aftermarket cable)
    ***BlackBerry convertible case: originally around $45; Playbook has ALWAYS been safely stored in this case
    Photos: (see below)
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below
    Attached Thumbnails Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001724.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001715.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001717.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001699.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001698.jpg  

    Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001723.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001718.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001720.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001708.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001710.jpg  

    Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001707.jpg   Mint Condition 16G BB Playbook + extras-img_00001706.jpg  
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    08-13-13 12:27 PM
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    Good luck with your sale.
    08-13-13 01:22 PM
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    Bumping it up

    Posted via CB10 from my Z10
    08-14-13 09:32 AM
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    bump, bump, bump it up!
    08-16-13 09:16 AM
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    bump once more
    08-22-13 10:03 AM
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    Will you take any less? A BRAND BRAND BRAND new one on Amazon is 150 in 16GB and 32GB flavors.
    08-22-13 12:08 PM
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    D*** you, amazon!

    Yes, all serious offers will be considered.

    Posted via CB10 from my Z10
    08-22-13 02:08 PM
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    Final bump
    09-03-13 11:15 AM

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