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    I posted roughly a week ago a similar thread, but updated so many times this is almost a bump...

    I have quite a few paid apps listed below that I no longer use but wanted to sell (I have a 9530 storm, but you should be able to change the version to whatever. I can do this first if you want before selling.). The apps I have for sale/trade are:

    1) Metalic Theme
    2) Quicktext
    3) Beyond160
    4) Swine Flu - the Game for the Blackberry Storm
    5) Wack-O-Mole - You think you have fast thumbs?
    6) THE Flashlight (Uses Camera Light) - One Touch Blackberry Storm
    7) BerrySlider (Slide to Unlock) Blackberry Storm 9500, 9530
    8) StormLock
    9) Location Profiler - Automate profile switching

    Please respond to this thread or PM me if interested in purchasing.

    I would also be interested in trading for/purchasing :

    1) Berry Popup
    2) Liquid Elecite Theme
    3) Vlingo Plus
    4) SearchIt
    5) Shazam (paid version)
    6) Pipedreams
    7) ichargecool
    8) Slideberry zoom theme
    9) Datepedia
    10) Berryweather

    Hope to get some responses...happy new year to all!
    01-03-10 12:44 PM