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    I am looking to sell or trade a Verizon Blackberry Tour or 8330 (Pink) for a NON-Smart phone for Verizon. (looking for a 3g multimedia).

    Basically, i need to get out of my smart phone contract for a bit, as i have lost my job (and not just cuz ) and am looking for preferably a LG EnV Touch.

    If anyone has one or has any info, please let me know, the Tour is in great condition, it is a replacement/referb that i had to get a few weeks ago - i still have the front screen protector on it!. the Curve is a little worse for wear with chips of the pink on the top corners, but that's all, still in great condition.

    i can put more info up if needed, but this is basically a call-of-blank sort of think to even see if this is possible. of course, the tour is probably worth a little more then an EnV, but i am willing to work here.
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    you should probably read the rules before posting, your not even close.

    08-01-10 08:08 AM
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    thank you for your interest. i have a trade working in progress. so consider this thread closed.

    thank you to everyone who has helped
    08-01-10 05:03 PM