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    My girlfriend wants a 9900 and she gets what she wants. Tell me what you have and what you want. I would prefer a trade + cash for any of the item below, but might be able to work out a straight cash offer if the price is right.

    I have a NIB blackberry 9300 3G on AT&T. And a freshly refurbished blackberry 8310 in white. And a 16GB iPod Touch. And a perfect condition Red Nikon S60 camera. And a NIB 90GB Agility 3 SSD. And a mint Kindle 3g ereader. AND an Acer AO722 Netbook. All things I can throw in to make a trade.

    Will Give You pics of any of the items on request.

    edit: realize I'm new here, but I'm not over at XDA, have over 400 posts with 100+ "thanks". Since I guess I can't do business here (yet), hit me up on XDA: [WTB] AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 - xda-developers

    Edit 2: I guess changing the title here doesn't in the main catagory, lame, no longer looking to trade my GSII.
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    Photos are not an option they are required, and you have to have 50 posts to be able to sell here.
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    bump for updated list of what im looking for and have.
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    Good to see this getting moderated. clearly doesnt care about the rules..NO EDITING either. Mods???
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