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    items-samsung s30 and iphone 8gig
    price-trade or sale
    condition-new s30 and used iphone.
    payments accepted-paypal
    shipping-ups or usps

    MODS,i am new to this marketplace tradeing and selling.pls correct me if i have somthing out of place or wrong.thank you for your time...

    the iphone's num 4 key pad does not work.the rest of the screen/phone works just fine...maybe i am doing somthing wrong...at any rate i need a tour and would be willing to trade.a 9630 is what im looking for..thank you for your time..

    again mods,please direct me to the right place if somthing is not right..thank you...........lewis
    12-24-10 11:48 PM
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    Item Description : samsung s30 and iphone 8gig
    Price : wtt or f/s
    Rate it :
    What it comes with : chargers and usb cable for s30
    Item location :alabama/house
    Shipping Details :ups/usps
    Payment Options aypal
    Contact Info : harley2rocker@aol.com

    sorry,i just went through the posting rules and regs..just to let everyone know.the iphone's num 4 button does not work..
    12-24-10 11:59 PM
  3. harley1rocker's Avatar
    how can i post up pix...i am a computer ******

    i will get them up..i know how to insert a link to my flickr account...can i do that????
    12-25-10 12:02 AM
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    Copy the image link and paste it here with [img] tags.

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    12-25-10 12:11 AM
  5. xlipstickandbruisesx's Avatar
    what gen is the iphone
    12-25-10 03:19 PM
  6. harley1rocker's Avatar
    i dont know,ima harley davidson mechanic and a customer gave me the phone for doing some extra stuff to his bike.everything works on it.ALL EXCEPT the number 4 key...of course its touch screen,when you go to the "dialing part" of the phone the "num 4" section of the phone is inoperatable....he said i could get a screen for it off line for like 40 bucks...

    im going to post pix of the samsung s30 right now.the iphone is in the truck....and its freezing outside soooooo,I DONT WANNA SELL IT IF I DONT HAVE PIX UP... im sorry cutey pie,ill get em promptly
    12-26-10 08:19 PM