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    I am on Orange.
    I started my contract a year ago, there's a year left (more in fact, although I can 'upgrade' in May). Contract was for a Pearl 8120.

    About four months after that, I bought a Bold outright from eBay and that is my main (only) phone to use. Pearl sits in a drawer. They know I have a Bold because I had to beg to get a SIM that worked properly in the Bold, and I got one.

    Anyway, am I within my rights to sell the Pearl 8120 if I want? Is it mine now or not? I was always concerned that with pay monthly handsets, they're not yours to keep, keep, the line rental pays for them...and I'm still under contract until August 2010.

    Can they suddenly, without warning ask for it back (don't ask me to read my contract, who knows where their contract is rhet.)?


    EDit: also, what about the PIN? Orange know I have a different phone and clearly know that the cell number is now associated with another device. What does that mean for the PIN on the Pearl?
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    Ususally the contract is for the service, not for the phone, but I am not familiar with orange.
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