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    this is an open box unit that i bought for my blackberry 8320 and nevr used it because i upgraded to different phone that had built in GPS.

    i tested it about 3 times and it worked great, the signal acquisition time is probably better than some garmins.

    bought it for 40 dollars+ shipping

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>im asking 30+ shipping or local pickup<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    you are getting same thing but cheaper.

    uses bluetooth or usb connection to connect to ur phone. comes with all acessories and the box


    GlobalTop G33 51 Channel MTK Bluetooth GPS Receiver is a total solution of GPS receiver with MediaTek 51 channel all-in-view tracking technology.

    GPS antenna, Bluetooth transmit/receive system are included. It is designed on the most advantage MediaTek Single Chip Solution (MT3318), got the full-function, and RoHS compliant, industry-level locating capacity and low prices.


    High Sensitivity, -158dBm(Tracking)

    Built in MTK MT3318 Low power consumption GPS chipset. (Static Navigation is turned OFF, hence suitable for both walking and car navigation)

    51 channel all in view tracking, supported WAAS and EGNOS

    Fast Position Fix, Cold start <36s, Hot start <1s

    Superior Urban Canyon Performance

    Smart power management solution. GPS Device will automatically shutdown in case of Bluetooth connecting signal failure detected and time over default setting value.

    Work with PDA, Cell Phone, Computer

    Compatible with all navigation software

    RoHS compliant

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