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    Item Description : Samsung Focus (W7)
    Price: 470 Paypal Gift
    Rate it : 10/10
    What it comes with : Everything included in the box.
    Item location : MD
    Shipping Details : USPS Priority
    Contact Info : PM or albertkim77@gmail.com

    Brothers chipped in to surprise me with a samsung focus. Didn't know i already had one. Selling the one i had before (which came today) instead of the new one. This one is only about 2 hours old. Never left the house. Hopefully i can make a killer profit to cover my next phone now that i cant use my upgrade. Phone comes with everything (btw, phone is awesome). looking to mainly sell. one trade i might be interested in though is a Nexus One ATT Bands and a lil cash on top. probably the only trade i want. Nexus One has to be FLAWLESS. PM or email, whatever is fine. (oh yeah, phone must be unrooted) payment has to be with paypal gift or fees must be covered.

    phone is practically brand new. retails at the store for 500+tax.

    you could pm me or email me at albertkim77@gmail.com

    Pics will be up very very soon.
    11-13-10 10:15 AM
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    lock it up plz. going to mrcur.
    11-14-10 12:29 AM
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    11-14-10 12:54 PM