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    YesterBerry.com is an on-demand streaming audio/video website for use with BlackBerry (and various other) smartphones. It offers 100% legal copyright-free vintage media, enjoyable on any EDGE / Wifi / 3G connection. Despite the interest and my excitement over this project, real life has interfered and simply left me without any time to devote to it. I therefore offer it to the community here, and will accept the Best Offer. The buyer wins everything associated with the nearly-complete website, including:

    • The website code / design itself
    • All hosted audio and video files
    • Completely unlimited webhosting
    • Domain name YesterBerry.com

    Also included will be locations of source material and ideas I had for future plans. I will also do my best to share my knowledge of BlackBerry-compatible encoding techniques and options.

    Contact me with all questions or offers.
    05-18-10 09:28 AM