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    Hello all,

    Im not on crackberry much these days since I last sold my blackberries on here but i figured id at least post my iphone up. Going to give it a few days on some forums before i put it on ebay.

    I am selling my 16 gb unlocked / jailbroken iphone 3gs.
    Its on 3.1.2 still and has shsh on file w/ cydia for 3.1 3.1.2 and 3.1.3

    Comes with:

    16 gb iphone 3gs unlocked
    original box and accessories
    incase slider protective case
    speck case
    has a phantom skin on the screen (may need to be replaced eventually as its been on the phone since original purchase)
    extra screen protector

    as for the condition its very good.
    not a single scratch on screen as it has had the phantom skin on it since purchase. There is a small scuff on the silver portion at the bottom of phone(due to the horrid ifrogz case at att, never ever buy that awful case) On the back theres a small scratch as well but nothing that takes away from the phone.

    Regular warranty with apple is till sept 4th.

    any questions let me know, feel free to pm me or email me etc
    will only sell to paypal w/ verified address.

    $480 shipped firm

    EDIT: sorry for pics , Here is a link to all pics to see big ones

    ImageShack Album - 6 images
    06-05-10 08:56 PM
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    feel free to lock / close thx
    06-06-10 03:06 PM