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    Item Description : T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant (a Galaxy S phone)
    Price : $350 shipped
    Rate it : 9.5
    What it comes with : phone, battery, charger, USB cable, car charger, 6 gel skins (red, lime green, blue, purple, and 2 black), the original box & everything that came in it (including ear buds, an extra battery cover, manuals, & a brand new SIM card), 8gig sd card
    Item location : Overland Park, KS
    Shipping Details : USPS
    Payment Options : PayPal, or cash if picking up locally
    Contact Info : dopplergaydar (at) gmail (dot) com or PM

    Any additional info: I'm a phone geek & will be picking up the MyTouch 4G on Wednesday. I can take better pictures of my Vibrant at that time, I just wanted to show that I had it in my possession. The phone is like new, I've babied it very well. It's always been in a case. There are no scratches on the screen or body. I do not have the sd card w/ Avatar, but I can throw in an 8gig card.

    Please contact me with any questions!

    10-31-10 03:12 PM
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    Someone actually made me an offer for JUST my car charger, so now I'm selling everything else for $340.
    11-01-10 09:35 AM
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    And, here's the front of the phone .

    11-03-10 09:08 PM