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    Hi all, its me again. I will upload more photos per request!

    Item location: SC
    Shipping Details: USPS
    Payment Options: PayPal Only
    Contact Info: PM/Post

    Item Description: HTC sensation, sim unlocked and rooted, running ARH sensation XE 4.0.3 rom clocked at 1.5GHz. Everything works, there are little dings and scuff around the earpiece.
    Price: $260 shipped ConUS, Canada +$10, international +$30
    Accessories: cable, charger, battery, battery door, tpu

    Item description: HTC Status, rooted and running CM7/AOSP rom, this make the FFC not working as a rom bug. Everything else works fine, some dings and scratches around the corners.
    Price: $100 shipped ConUS, Canada +$10, International +$30
    Accessories: battery, battery door, charger, cable.

    Item description: Kindle Fire, rooted and running full android ICS 4.0.3 rom. All things work as they should, no freeze, no sleep of death, no reboot whatsoever, very stable!
    Price: $160 shipped Conus, Canada +$10, int'l +$30
    Accessories: charger

    Item description: Sony CW 14" laptop, model#: CW2PFX/R, red and black in color. intel core i3 330m CPU, Nvidia Gefore 310m 512 MB GPU, 4GB ram, 320GB HDD. The laptop is in excellent working and cosmetic condition, little wear could be found on the lid and inside.
    Price: $420 shipped Conus, canada +$20, international +$40,
    04-23-12 11:40 AM
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