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    Item: BB Bold 9000 - with accessories
    Included: see below
    Location: NYC
    Price: 550 USD
    Terms: PayPal
    Contact: PM me or email me

    Selling a Blackberry Bold 10/10 condition.

    The phone is literally brand new, I just took the screen film off last week. I had bought the phone, but decided I really didn’t need that much phone/Blackberry so I went back to my old phone.

    Included in the deal:
    - BlackBerry Bold
    - 8 GB SD Microcard
    - EXTRA OEM BATTERY (double your usage time)
    - OEM leather holster
    - (2) Chargers – Your able to leave one at home and one at work
    - Black rubber condom for phone
    - Desktop cradle (phenomenal accessory for bedside)
    - (2) USB cables

    Literally you have everything you need and MORE with this deal. I take only the best care of my accessories so nothing is scratched or “dinged up”.

    I will post pictures tonight...
    03-03-09 11:05 AM